About Houston N95 Mask Protocol - www.HNMP.live

This website is provided by Kirt Walker, MD, MEE, FAAEM.

I am promoting the use of N95 Masks by EVERYONE to prevent the community spread of Covid-19.

It is a personal Crusade but I intend to enlist many others by the logic and the power of evidence and persuasion.

For example, in the Houston area, covid is out of control, filling hospitals and ERs and exceeding the capacity of maximally expanded ICU beds.

I am Kirt Walker and I live in Houston. I am a retired emergency physician with over 31 years full-time in the pits. I am also a software developer now and going back to my Rice electrical engineering education. I worked at Baylor as an engineer five years, and subsequently went to medical school at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston.

I am a scientist in my thinking about medicine and all things and have emersed myself in the new topic of covid-19 and its social and economic ramifications beyond the rather fascinating medical aspects of the disease.

I was an early promoter of masks and frustrated by the painfully slow messaging by "experts" and politicians, tragically led by a politically stiffled CDC. The CDC normally provides the experts in both medicine, public health and messaging, but not this round.

I do not think in a box, but where the logic leads me.