N95 and KN95 Mask Project

This N95 or KN95 mask is a gift, free of charge to you, by Kirt Walker and Supporters/donors to the Covemon.org project.

I hope you will agree to wear it instead of a simple cloth mask whenever you go outside the house and will encounter other people.

* to PROTECT You from covid infection, and

* to prevent the community spread of covid.

The N95 Mask should be an addition to other measures like -

* 'physical distance/social distance' of at least six feet and

* 'just not going anywhere you dont have to go.

* Use hand sanitizer in the car if you take your mask off there.

* Wash your hands when you return home and after you take your mask off.

Take care of the mask and it may be used over and over again, if it is the only one you have. DO NOT wash it or try to disinfect it. Covid cannot live long outside a warm human body. It will die hanging on your hook in at most a few hours or a day.

When you put on the mask, hold it only by the strings. Try not to touch the front surface of the mask. In the event you just went by someone spewing covid and your mask caught it, it may be on the front surface or in the mesh (instead of in your lungs already) so just dont touch that part.

The top edge of the mask has an imbedded metal strip to fit it snuggly to your nose. The elastic should pull it snuggly to your face, over your nose and chin so air does not flow easily around the edges of the mask.

Many of my masks are KN95 which is China's version of the standard for these masks. N95 is an FDA certification which implies some regulation of the manufacturing process.

Almost all masks were, however made in China in plants set up before covid severely messed up the supply chains and markets went crazy. Production of N95 masks has ramped up massively in the states. If you can get an N95 mask from a reputable source online, you should do it (and get a few for your friends too). They may cost you $10 or $20 which is price gouging, IMHO, but still worth it for your health. I cannot know much about where the masks I purchase come from. I do use Amazon and my credentials as a doctor. I've tried a number of sources and they all appear to me made of the same material. I bet KN95 and N95 are all made on the same kind of machines all set up in China long before covid, so I feel very confident they are much better than a cloth mask at protecting you from a covid encounter at the store or office.

Of course there are no guarantees, no facts, just evidence and logic and sometimes faith or hope. I am motivated strictly by trying to help solve this problem for all of us, even if just a little bit (one mask) at a time. I have not and will not profit by this project. I give the masks away without any conditions except you agree to use it. I will accept donations for the next set of masks to help me increase my scale and pass it forward if you have the disposable income you want to contribute in any amount. You can Zelle any amount to my cell phone seven-one-three 254-91 and 21 or mail me a check to Kirt Walker, Memo: N95 mask project, at 2700 Bellefontaine, B24, Houston, TX 77025. I intend to get organized as a nonprofit with tax-exempt status, but I have not done that yet.

There is much more of my information at www.HNMP.live or www.HNMP.live/FreeMasks ( ".live" is like .com or .org, weird, I know) This is an acronym for Houston N95 Mask Protocol.

I hope the HNMP Crusade catches on and many poeple, organizations and leaders make this happen at scale, in Houston, in Harris County and Texas and in the rest of this country and the world.

--------------- to protect yourself and to protect others,

Use grocery curbside delivery and carry-out food if you really want someone else to cook for you. Work from home as much as you can.

, in the car face, the

When you get home and take it off (or reach your car, if you're driving alone and want to take it off) remove it by the strings and hang it up or drop it in its designated paper bag holder, like a lunch bag labeled and handy taped up in the car or by the front door.

Then wash your hands with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer.