Eye Protection

There is a small risk that you may be infected by droplets landing in your eyes, that is onto the conjunctiva or the white wet surface when your eyes are open. I would guess it is about 5% as likely as breathing in droplets, or more likely 1%.

Focus on the N95mask first! Then a routine when you go out to protect your eyes is good.

Glasses help, but are usually open at the top around you eyebrows. A cap or hat with a bill is the simplest addition to glasses. I have a pair of sunglasses that have fins abouve and to the sides to block sunlight, but which nicely surround and protect my eyes from droplets.

Goggles would work, but aren't very convenient. They can be vented as there is not really a flow of air in and out to carry droplets. They need to be fairly good or they fog quickly with or without glasses inside.

A face shield is good for an employee with repeated contact with customers. It seems pretty standard for businesses now. It should be used with an N95 mask inside. They are used in the ER frequently as well (with a N95 mask!).

They seem to be readily available on the market so far as they can be made easily. I have seem them worn by individuals as well in public.

Placing a smiling picture of yourself in the corner of the shield is a nice touch to compensate for the customers' loss of seeing your whole smiling face.

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