I believe N95 masks should be used by the public to protect the individual wearer AND to prevent community spread.

It is no excuse to say there are not enough N95 masks. A billion a year are being produced now for the USA and it is merely the dishonest representation and lack of coordinated distribution that suggests they are not available. The CDC's message has not changed and thinking seem to be stuck. No other expert or leader that I have heard has discussed this obvious fact. N95mask usage would be much better in the hands of the public.

The time is NOW to change the message distinctly and change the strategy to prevention of spread by adding the consistent use N95 masks as the MOST IMPORTANT behaviour to be adopted as rapidly as possible.

I encourage a rethinking by experts and change in their recommendations to leaders so the masks can be distributed as fast as possible with distinct and uniform messaging that this is a change. The public has come around, albeit slowly to wear masks for the common good of knocking down droplets while recognizing that they are not protective as is widely stated.

Masks should go first to the at-risk for severe disease. If you protect the elderly, it would not even matter as much if the virus spreads through the young who are not as likely to be severely ill. The most important goal is to prevent the hospitalizations, intubations and mortality. The elderly are very likely to adhere to consistnt N95 mask usage as they perhaps have the biggest fear of covid. This is perfect. They are not likely to immediately run to the bar every night, but may be able to go see the grandchildren and function somewhat outside the confines of their homes hhwhere they have been hovering. Two masks with instructions could be mailed to every Medicare patient and

Mask Market vs Controlled Distribution (Defense Production Act)