Incremental Benefit- High Contact Spreaders

It seems that turning the young people in Houston and allowing the bars to open has blown the top off Pandoras box. They see themselves as not at risk, probably correctly, but do not understand the consequences of High-R spread in creating chains of infection which quickly lead to severe cases and hospitalizations and deaths. See Its Personal- You Own Your Chains of Infection.

Convincing some of this population to wear N95 masks could be very beneficial to the community spread and hospitalizations and deaths.

I believe the citizens have shown a tremendous cooperation collectively with efforts to control the pandemic. I see vey mixed messaging however on measures other than shutting parts of the economy and activity down. The messaging about cloth masks has been very disappointing, although, finally businesses are requiring masks and cutomers largely comply in my observations in Houston, but this is too little too late and NOT being observed by young people.

Businesses are highly motivated to reopen, including bars and restaurants. The social need or drive is clear and being short circuited by private parties just as deadly as a bar.

I suggest enlisting the bar owner in motivating clients to wear N95 masks at all times in the bar. You can use a straw without removing the mask in a bar. You could eat snacks by pulling the mask up, not off if you were motivated enough. This would be better than shutting all the bars down as Texas Gov Abbott has done again. I suggest the bar act as contact tracer by following up with clients by phone to demonstrate the bar is no longer spreading covid.