N95 Masks for Young Adults

If you are a millennial or Gen Z person, you may rightlfully feel you are not at much risk if you get covid-19 infection, because it does not seem to be very severe. Frequently you may get infected with the virus but have no symptoms at all. The virus quietly infects your cells and uses them to replicate itself in massive numbers. Then you may become a silent spreader- breathing out covid droplets and infecting others very easily.

So you may not feel that you need to wear a mask of any kind. You should understand you are risking other peoples lives and you personally may be responsible for the chain of infections you create after you get infected. Some people will die in those chains, that YOU could prevent by simply wearing a mask. An N95 mask is better. See www.hnmp.live/You-Own-Your-Chain.html.

This N95 or KN95 mask is a gift, free of charge to you, by Kirt Walker and Supporters/donors to the project.

I hope you will agree to wear it instead of a simple cloth mask whenever you go outside the house and will encounter other people.
* to prevent the community spread of covid - and the damage to the economy it is causing, and

* to PROTECT You from covid infection
The N95 Mask should be an addition to other measures like
* 'physical distance/social distance' of at least six feet and

* 'just not going anywhere you dont have to go.

* Use hand sanitizer in the car if you take your mask off there.

* Wash your hands when you return home and after you take your mask off.

Take care of the mask and it may be used over and over again, if it is the only one you have. Rotate masks if you have several.

DO NOT wash it or try to disinfect it. Covid cannot live long outside a warm human body. It will die hanging on your hook in at most a few hours or a day.

When you put on the mask, hold it only by the strings. Try not to touch the front surface of the mask. In the event you just went by someone spewing covid and your mask caught it, it may be on the front surface or in the mesh (instead of in your lungs already) so just dont touch that part.

The top edge of the mask has an imbedded metal strip to fit it snuggly to your nose. The elastic should pull it snuggly to your face, over your nose and chin so air does not flow easily around the edges of the mask.

Many of my masks are KN95 which is China's version of the standard for these masks. N95 is an FDA certification which implies some regulation of the manufacturing process. I buy them via Amazon online. I cannot guarantee their effectiveness, but I believe they are all much better than a cloth or surgical mask at stopping covid droplets. If you can get an FDA-certified N95 mask from a reliable source do so! It may cost $20 each, which is price gouging, but isnt your life and one other persons worth than much?

There is much more of my information at www.HNMP.live or www.HNMP.live/FreeMasks ( ".live" is like .com or .org, weird, I know) This is an acronym for Houston N95 Mask Protocol.

I hope the HNMP Crusade catches on and many poeple, organizations and leaders make this happen at scale, in Houston, in Harris County and Texas and in the rest of this country and the world.