Test Page

This is the very next line (TXSri=6) Tri=7.

Now after a short paragraph, this one will wrap in almost any width. It is continued on all kinds of end-of-line things, here backslash and then here a trailing space and here two which should continue without disruption or double spaces.
* This is still at the end of the second paragraph.

* and so is this after three spaces post asterisk.

Now a blank line starts a new paragraph.

It was short. This shorter.

The style px for paragraphs has margin 10 and text-indent of -8. When the text goes long enough to finally wrap it does so indented on the second and subseqquent lines. This needs to go on long enough to test to be sure it is indenting on the third line as well.

Here is more- light blue?

Now back to normal with null 'at' ie "@" line.

And one more to show any spacing errancy.