What Has Changed?

The truth is nothing. Experts and politicians will need to think hard about explaining their failure up until now to identify the importance of N95 masks worn by the public.

If asked by a reporter:

Do N95 mask protect the wearer from becoming infected when exposed to covid droplets? Answer: yes.

Why would they not be good for the public to wear?

Are they difficult to wear? (Answer no)

Are they expensive ? (Answer before covid, $1.27 from 3M, now $2.50 from Amazon to $5 or $10 or $20 to individuals on the Internet.)

Why has there been no organized effort to ramp up production in the USA?

Why would you not recommend them for me, when available?

Why would you not change your position now and 1) help increase production, 2) organize distribution strategically and 3) enthusiastically encourage everyone going out of the house to wear an N95 mask all the time.